librarian apprentice

a short blog dedicated to the random activities and questions asked at a public library

"I forgot my ID and my library card, but I have my name tattooed on my arm and on my chest…"

"Who do you like better… Serial Killer or Bob Marley?"

"What’s up queer?"


"Special patrons"

I have a patron who tells me, he got into a motorcycle accident years ago and this is why he is the way he is. He’s very special and I do not mean that in any kind of a derogatory way. He create a design for the “joy ride,” which would enable a car to run free of gas. I helped him create a blog to post his scanned in idea. Please share this around the web. He wants the world to know about his invention and who am I to begrudge him?


Behaviors I have noticed in the library…

Many African immigrants spend a LOT of time looking at pictures of Princess Diana. (Seriously I see this everyday. I’m sorry to inform you, but she’s dead Jim. She’s dead).

Many people aren’t actually reading the paper. I know, I know I shouldn’t really comment on this because it’s not funny, it’s a comment on our society, etc.
No the folks I’m talking about take the paper, open it up, then sleep. Of course when you wake them up the response is, “Can’t you see I’m reading the paper? I’m not sleeping!” (Yes I know our local paper is crap, but it’s not so bad that it will put you to sleep). 

When listening to headphones, singing out loud kind of defeats the purpose of the headphones. I’m just sayin. 

Someone is stealing the opinion pages from the paper. Seriously. Why do you do this? We have a copier. Do you really need the opinion page of EVERY daily paper? Is this how you are getting your daily allowance of fiber?

Some people think that if it’s in a sealed container, you can drink anything you want! Well, let me tell you. I can see what you are drinking because you are drinking from a clear bottle and I’m pretty sure that’s beer in a coke bottle. Ginger ale doesn’t tend to foam like that. Plus I can tell you are drunk. Seriously. The only thing I can really smell is cigarette smoke and pot, but I don’t need to smell you to tell that you are drunk. 

And these are just the behaviors I noticed today and remembered to write down!

It’s not that I’ve been ignoring this…

it’s just that I’ve been busy. Sure lots of crazy things have happened in the library the past few weeks and lots of crazy people have passed through. At the same time, it seems that much of the world has erupted during the past few weeks and as you may or may not know, many librarians are very progressive people. We were part of the first wave of opponents to the Patriot Act, we are always against censorship and we completely support the freedom to access information. So I leave you with this little link: OccupyWriters Without writers, our libraries would be bare and my world would not exist.